Ankle Brace

SKU: KA-12

Disengage the hook loop strap from the buckle & fold the hook with the loop next to it.

Disengage the hook tabs of the two laces.

Open the brace from the front so that laces get loosened fully.

Slide foot to wear the ankle brace, so that the heel fits snugly into the heel opening Adjust the position of both the lateral splints according to the location of malleoli.

Tighten the top hook loop tape using the reserve buckle mechanism to provide a firm grip.

Pull both the laces simultaneously upwards and obliquely with a single jerky movement.

To give optimal tightness and paste them on the loop fabric on the body of the brace in case of pain at any point readjust the position of the splint or consult your doctor.

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  • Triple stabilization concept splint ensure strong immobilization.
  • Lace pull mechanism provides single pull tightening and loosening.
  • It is easy to wear and remove.
  • Rigid anatomic PP splint.
  • Skin friendly material.


  • Ideal for mild ankle sprains and preventing ankle sprain.
  • Wear as a preventative for recurring ankle injury.
  • Provides brace support all day.
  • Suitable for recovery from a sprained ankle, tarsal tunnel syndrome, swollen ankle and following a broken ankle.
  • Not indicated for severe ankle instabilities.