Forearm Splint

SKU: WF-06

Loosen all fasteners of splint.

Slide hand into the brace.

Aluminum splint should contact with palm side.

Position the plam with palmer crease and the splint should be rest comfortably in the palm.

Tighten each strap with the desired compression.

Do not over tighten the staps.

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  • Constructed with strong three layered bonded fabric, with the middle layer made of open-celled foam that provides comfort cushioning.
  • Rigid support provided by pre-contoured splint.
  • Malleable aluminum stays contained in nylon sleeve that can be molded to fit the individual patient.
  • Designed to maintain wrist in dorsi flexion while allowing full range of motion to fingers and thumb.
  • Anatomical thumb opening is designed for slight abduction and comfort of the thumb.


  • Sequel to a fracture, post cast management.
  • Rheumatic disease of the wrist and arthritic hand positioning.
  • Conservative management of Kienbock's disease.